Load Containment Testing for Proven Results.


Atlantic’s approach to stretch wrapping for tested and proven load containment. Protect your products and eliminate load damage with the MUST Method.


Establish your current condition with an on-site film, machine, and process analysis by our stretch wrapping specialists.


Set your correct standard by testing unit load containment with simulated real-world transit conditions.


Set up your systems to stretch wrap products according to the newly established correct standards.


Use real-time data with MUST monitoring software to ensure that every load is wrapped to the correct standard every time.

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At Atlantic, we’re defining the standard in stretch wrapping

Why focus on stretch wrapping?

Improper stretch wrapping is the leading cause of load failure, resulting in a number of issues regarding safety, damage, increased material usage and film costs.

Setting and holding the correct stretch wrapping standards is the key to reducing or eliminating these costly problems.

Atlantic’s MUST Method is a comprehensive load containment system that takes a holistic approach to your stretch wrapping operation to set and hold the correct standards and eliminate load failure.

The Packaging Solution Center

We’ve built a facility in Charlotte, NC to create the most innovative testing resource in the packaging industry.
With our equipment and expert consultants, we can simulate every potential bump and brake along your load’s delivery route.
We can then test films and wrap patterns to set the optimal packaging standard your loads.

The Equipment

Multi-Axis Transportation Simulator

Built by the same engineers who built the vibration testing equipment for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, this machine can simulate real world transit conditions, allowing us to test and refine your standard in stretch.

Braking and Impact Test Sled

Simulating the effects of acceleration and deceleration on your wrapped loads lets us test, refine, and ensure that your stretch film and wrap pattern are keeping your products safe and secure.

Field Data Recorders

These recorders allow us to collect real-world data on your loads as they travel along a typical delivery route. This data is used to recreate the conditions at our facility and test for the best stretch wrap standard for your specific loads.

Custom Testing

Send your wrapped loads to our Packaging Solution Center in Charlotte and join us as we test them against real-world transportation hazards. Make an Appointment –>

MUST Monitoring

You’ve set the standard for optimal stretch wrap performance. Now you can maintain that standard on every load wrapped. Our patented hardware tracks and records data on every load while our integrated software reports on the performance of your stretch wrapper, alerting you when a load is outside of the benchmark standards.

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Learn more about the MUST Method from Atlantic.

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