The Audit

Film, Machine, and Process Analysis

The First Step

We audit your stretch wrapping operation to get a baseline on your film use, machine settings, and process efficiencies. We’ll also talk with operators and plant personnel to gather information and understand any chronic problems or tendencies specific to each wrapper.

The audit process lets us fully evaluate your current wrapping conditions and work together to set goals and expectations.

On-Site Visit

We visit your site to collect data on the current conditions of your stretch wrapping operation.

Study & Learn

Our experts study your machine settings to learn what conditions may be affecting your stretch wrapping today.


We meet with all the key players in your stretch wrapping operation to understand your goals and priorities.

Film Expertise

with John Cook

John Cook is Atlantic’s resident polymer chemist who runs our Film Lab. John has 20 years in the resin industry with Dow and Mobil. During his time at those companies, he developed resins that revolutionized the stretch film industry.

John’s expertise in our Film Lab is put to work in selecting and modifying films to ensure peak performance for our customers. He has made our lab the go-to test lab for resin producers and film manufacturers.

Film Audit Looks At:

Counting revolutions per wrap cycle and identify their location relevant to the load.
Film Weight
Performing cut and weighs to identify the weight of film currently applied to each load.
Containment Force
Measuring load containment force.
Load Dimensions
Measuring load dimensions on all load types running on the line.
Stretch Percentage
Calculating on-pallet-stretch percentage.

Machine Audit Includes:

Evaluation of Common Wear Parts
These include prestretch rollers, idler rollers, roller bearings, belts and pulleys, chains and sprockets, carriage gate latch assembly, film roll mandrel condition, and film clamps.
Studying Carriage Structural and Functional Parts
Including carriage gate alignment, carriage frame alignment, roller alignment, wrap arm functionality, and wipe arm functionality.
Opportunities for Upgrades or Retro-fits
To achieve an increased pre-stretch ratio where applicable.
Recommendations for Parts
Including the parts required to achieve proper stretching of the film and the parts or upgrades recommended to increase capability and consistency.

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