Process, Materials, and Standards

Improve the Productivity of Each Line

By adding new technology and capabilities that are critical to successfully wrapping each of your loads, Atlantic will transform the performance of all of your stretch systems.

Optimization begins with the results of the audit and testing and builds on the recommendations from our experts. These may include adjustments to the type of film used, the film settings and wrap patterns, machine part replacements, upgrades, or retro-fits as well as recommendations on process improvements.


“Our goals are to downgauge film, reduce the amount of film used, improve the package appearance, and minimize downtime.”



Based on the results of extensive testing in our Solutions Center, we’ll optimize equipment settings and wrap patterns to your custom standards.


Our film specialist will review the best film formulations to contain your products with puncture resistance, targeted cling, and durability for optimal protection.

Wrap Patterns

Up to 9 unique wrap patterns can be set to accommodate the proper standards for each individual load type coming through your stretch wrapper.

Improve your productivity today