Stretch University

An Education in Product Protection

We developed Stretch University to share knowledge with our customers about the science of stretch packaging. The session is designed to help you make more informed decisions about your materials, equipment, and process to ultimately cut costs, reduce damage, and improve efficiency.

This comprehensive training session is ideal for engineers, operators, procurement specialists, and management and can be tailored to meet your specific needs and interest level.

The Truth about Stretch

Can you prevent product damage by simply adding more stretch film? Learn the truth about film application and stretch wrapping to ensure you’re using the optimum amount of film with the right machine settings.

Damage Reduction

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) estimates that pallet damage accounts for over $2.6 billion in losses each year. Learn how proper stretch wrapping will reduce damage and recover significant losses.

Setting the Standard

At Stretch University, we reveal the most important – and often overlooked- factors that need to be addressed for benchmarking the proper settings and establishing the standard for optimal wrapping.

Meet Kyle

Kyle Pischel is a packaging engineer who specializes in stretch packaging and heads up our Stretch University. He’s an informed and engaging presenter who can cater to your specific interest level, whether you’re an engineer, machine operator, or head of procurement. Every Stretch University session is custom tailored so you walk away more knowledgeable about stretch wrapping and film application than when you arrived.

Background & Experience

Kyle Pischel

Packaging Engineer, Stretch University

As a graduate of Michigan State University’s School of Packaging, Kyle worked in the Packaging Innovations Department at Coca Cola focusing on secondary and stretch packaging. At Atlantic, he’s the lead engineer for our MUST Monitoring program, implementing effective wrap application and settings for automatic wrapping equipment.

Kyle also leads Atlantic’s Stretch University, educating and consulting with our customers on the importance of proper stretch wrap application. This program along with our comprehensive MUST Method cuts costs related to product damage and overuse of film. As the industry moves towards reducing secondary packaging, proper stretch wrap application has become increasingly more important. Kyle is instrumental in showing our customers the effects of optimal stretch wrap application and making data-based recommendations to improve their performance and bottom line.


An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

~ Benjamin Franklin

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