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Automating end-of-line packaging for e-commerce is a huge challenge due to the variety of items being shipped. However, there are new and innovative options for streamlining this process. Atlantic’s Solution Center brings together the top minds and resources to help you see and test what will work best.

Featuring products from a variety of manufacturers – including Sealed Air, 3M, and Ranpak – our engineers and consultants can customize a solution that meets your needs for cost savings, speed, efficiency, sustainability, and customer experience.

“What makes the Solution Center unique is that the customer can view multiple options from various manufacturers.”

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Product protection is at the heart of e-commerce. Your customers place their order with the expectation that their products will arrive intact and ready to go. Test protective packaging equipment and materials that will help you meet and exceed their expectations.


Customers ordering online want a quick turnaround. To remain competitive, you need to be efficient in how you pick and pack the orders. In automating this process using the latest smart technology, Atlantic will help ensure your end-of-line packaging is fast, consistent, and reliable.


Minimize waste, reduce your environmental impact, and align with your customers’ goals for sustainability by optimizing your boxing and void fill materials. As the e-commerce industry grows, you’ll need innovative ways to reduce materials while protecting your products.


Re-creating the retail store experience at your customer’s doorstep is a unique challenge in e-commerce. Atlantic and our partners offer options in branding, messaging, and important details to give your customers a positive feeling about your company and their online shopping experience.

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