In our inaugural edition of Solution Center Stories, we bring you a case study from Kitchen Cabinet Distributors (KCD). KCD has worked with Atlantic for many years and has relied on us as a packaging supplier.  As their business was growing and their shipping footprint was expanding, they approached us as a consultant to help make sure they would not experience shipping damage to their cabinets.

Product damage for KCD is a costly and time consuming problem, as it is for most distributors and manufacturers. If cabinets arrive damaged for a kitchen install, the contractor has to send them back and wait for replacements, adding cost and time to the whole project.  In some cases, the contractor may get the cabinets they need from someone else, in which case KCD would lose a customer.  And because KCD relies on LTL shipping, there are various points along the way where their products are handled, increasing the potential for damage.

To start this consultation, Atlantic engineers went to the KCD facility to observe, examine, and analyze their current processes and equipment. They then shipped their unit loads as they currently wrap them to the Packaging Solution Center. There, our engineers measured and tested the loads on the TruMotion simulators with the KCD Operations Managers observing and learning how their loads were reacting to road and transit conditions.

For full details about this case study as well as the solutions they came up with, please visit our post Solution Center Stories: Kitchen Cabinet Distributors on